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Increase efficiencies

Serve more customers in less time

Rapid fire lookup buttons that are easily accessible makes for quicker order processing and less mistakes. Coupled with handheld ordering, this can reduce overheads and improve the customer experience.

Reduce staff costs

The natural efficiencies that flow from a well designed P.O.S. contributes to savings in wages and often results in  a higher customer spend.

Reduce bottlenecks

Well designed remote printing locations and flexible docket design gives staff instant readability. This reduces queries and makes sure food preparation is controlled and accurate. This translates into less wastage in both food and time.

Our Solutions for your business


Fast   Reliable   Rugged   Full Featured   Easy to use  Excellent Support


That is how 100's of our clients describe our systems. No wonder that 99% of our business comes through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Whether you have a Restaurant.Tavern, a Bar, a Supermarket, a Fruit & Veg shop, a Deli, a Bakery or anything like that, we have a solution for you.

We understand what makes a business successful and we work with our clients to maximise the benefit they derive from using our systems.

Give us a call for an open, easy and no BS discussion. If we can help, great. If we cannot, then we'll tell you up front.

Support Services

Call Center

Poor support services can stop your business in it's tracks! That is why our support services are available 7 days a week at times when YOU trade and when YOU need it.

Our support services are the best in the industry. We have a complete understanding of the systems at every single customer site. This means you never have to explain to a support person your system configuration or the peculiarities associated with your business. We already know that when you call.


We  can instantly make decisions on how best to resolve issues without creating further problems or tell you how to work around issues to maintain business continuity. With us you are in safe hands!


Security Camera

CCTV is an important component of your overall business security.

Our sister company handles your CCTV requirements from consultation, cabling, installation, commissioning and through to training and ongoing support.

We are fully licensed with Police clearance and relevant regulatory requirements.

Our solutions range from simple 4-camera installations to 50+ cameras fully integrated into POS systems.


Designer Notebook

As part of our ongoing services to our clients we engage by offering additional products and resources to truly become a 'one stop shop'.

We understand that you need more than just P.O.S. solutions and that a number of adddional serrvices often become part of the total solution we offer.

Where we are unable to do the work ourselves, we have industry contacts that are able to assist

Fruit & Veg Buying Program


A key component of a Fruit & Veg business is to have efficient and streamlined buying and reconciliation processes.

We have worked with our clients to develop a workflow management program to streamline and improve the buying process from both the markets and growers.

Substantial saving in time are achieved.


mPOS iPad

Uniwell POS

Uniwell Lynx


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