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POS System, Tablet, Online & QR Code Restaurant Ordering Solutions

Ai-Menu changes the hospitality model with consistent upselling, optimised menus & self-paced ordering


Ai-Menu provides the complete Technology Solution to optimise the hospitality experience for both venue and customer with a combination of traditional Windows P.O.S touch screens and cost-effective tablets and native contactless ordering addressing more customer interaction points than other P.O.S. systems.
The hybrid cloud ensures your data is backed up continuously and automatically.
No expensive IT infrastructure required.


The only POS that makes you money

Increased sales and upsell

Improve wage efficiency

Improve customer satisfaction

Real time menu control

Collect customer data for strategic marketing

Analyse sales in real time reporting

Seamless integration with a suite of products allows real time local and web analytics to provide excellent tools with regards to running your business more efficiently, scheduling staff based on real time requirements, as well as rewarding your customers for their loyalty.

Join the hundreds of venues Australia-wide that are choosing our integrated venue management system - join the revolution to SERVEsmarter


Cost effective tablets

For venues that are suitable
Priced at only $225 per tablet

Full image and extended descriptions to entice

Automatic upselling

Real-time product updates within seconds

Reduce staff, printing and other operational costs

Activate multi-lingual text

Track the status of every tablet in your venue

Easily manage +100 tablets over reliable, stable communications in real-time

Even if not used all the time, they become very valuable during those unexpected surge days when you are short of staff!

No need to worry about the Kitchen being flooded with orders. Venue manages remain able to pace the kitchen with the unique features the POS offers.

Multiple operation modes

Easily configured, tablets can be assigned as 'WaiterPads', Customer Self Ordering, Electronic Menus and bill reviews plus being capable of taking T/Away orders, freeing up POS terminals.


Easily add online ordering to your website 

Easily synchronise your POS server with your online store 

Send digital customer invoices and orders to local printers

Highly customise opening hours or delivery options

Collect and analyse online takeaway data

No APP required for our integrated QR code ordering

Different POS Menu and prices for different Zones. Bar has different price from Rooftop Bar and VIP area.

Attractive Online and in-house Gift Vouchers 

Online and in-store loyalty 

Manage tables, orders, receipts, payments and bar tabs

Run multiple Profit Centres

Real-time transaction backup to the Cloud

Manage stock, suppliers, purchases and stock valuations

Free up staff to build meaningful connections with customers.

Full featured for Taverns, Breweries, Pubs and Small Bars

✔ User friendly touchscreen terminals
✔ Table maps, split bills, condiments & more
✔ Control your menu and available items from any POS
✔ Images added become available on all devices and online
✔ Extend your customer reach at will
✔ Multi-Zone capability can customise screens and prices
✔ Allow customers to order from tables and save labour
✔ Activate/deactivate items/menus by time tables


Full featured for Restaurants, Burger Joints, Pizza Shops, Cafes and other Hospitality venues

✔ User friendly touchscreen terminals
✔ POS  functions include table maps, split bills, condiments & more
✔ Control your menu and available items from any POS
✔ Images add become available on all devices and online
✔ Multi-Zone capability can customise screens and prices
✔ Tablets can be used to take T/Away orders
✔ Tablets can be used as 'WaiterPads'
✔ Activate/deactivate items/menus by time tables
✔ Allow customers to self-order only items you specify
✔ For T/Away, SMS customer from POS when order is ready

Delivery Services Integration

✔ Direct integration with local delivery services.

✔ Direct integration with DELIVERECT.

✔ Orders come directly into your P.O.S.

✔ No double entry of information.

✔ Consistent rendering of kitchen dockets.


Analytics / Integration

✔ Realtime local and cloud analytics as it happens

✔ Highly visual reporting

✔ Real period comparatives for instant analysis

✔ Reduce operational costs by identifying patterns and trends

✔ Web analytics updated in real time and visible in any browser

✔ Stock Control / Purchase Orders / Recipes / Valuations

✔ Deputy / Xero / MYOB

✔ SMS Messaging

✔ Stripe / Paypal / Google Pay / ApplePay / AI-Pay

✔ Weigh scale interface, scanning and embedded barcodes

Why us?

A different approach, with multiple platform options, engaging to match you with the best solution for your business.

We are the single contact for all your POS queries and issue resolution. We are available when YOU are trading.

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