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POS System, Tablet, Online & QR Code Restaurant Ordering Solution

Our iPad POS is an affordable, full featured system that is scaleable from a simple POS to a multi-location system across both Hospitality and Retail

Couple power, versatility and low cost for a winning solution

Starting from as a little as $20/month our iPad POS is the ideal POS solution for Hospitality and Retail. There is NO dependency on the internet for our entry level multi-terminal system. Many features such as Gift Cards and Loyalty are included where other vendors charge for these features.

Highly scaleable, we grow with your needs to include Cloud based control and multi-venue capability.


Add to that online ordering, QR code ordering from user devices and integration with Deliverect to connect to 3rd part delivery services like Uber, gives you a winning combination of features that are affordable and well supported right here accross WA and interstate.


Low entry level cost with growth pathway

Increased sales and upsell

Improve wage efficiency

Improve customer satisfaction

Real time menu control

Fexible printing options streamlines order delivery

Analyse sales in real time reporting

Unlike other cloud-based POS, this is a standalone point of sale application that does not require the internet or the cloud to function. Our approach is to put the iPad first before the cloud. When the internet goes down, all functions can be accessed from the iPad itself without the need of going online. With this architecture, your operation won’t be affected even if you have an intermittent internet connection

Join the hundreds of venues WA-wide that are choosing the iPad POS system.


Add fixed or roaming devices

Full image and extended descriptions to entice

Automatic upselling

Real-time product updates

Reduce staff, printing and other operational costs

Activate multi-lingual text


Add online ordering to your website

Easily synchronise your POS server with your online store 

Send digital customer invoices and orders to local printers

Highly customise opening hours or delivery options

Collect and analyse online takeaway data

No APP required for our integrated QR code ordering

Single support contact for all your business IT requirements

In-house Gift Vouchers 

Online and in-store loyalty 

Manage tables, orders, receipts and payments

Streamline kitchens using Kitchen Video Order Displays

Real-time transaction backup to the Cloud

Manage stock levels

Payments using Tyro, WestPac, Square, Paypal

Complete Restaurant / Cafe / Bakery / QSR Solutions

Optimise the hospitality experience for both venue and customer. Cater for more than 1000 items on rapid lookup screens with automatic upsells to maximise every sale. If you have a bubble tea shop, we have you covered!


Complete Small Bar / Popup / Pizza Joint / Burger Bar / Fish and Chips  Solutions

The iPad POS provides a cost-effective hospitality experience for both venue and customer with a combination of iPads, waiterpad tablets and contactless ordering, providing additional customer interaction points 

Online Ordering


Fast and easy is the winning combination for your business.

Using the internet for marketing purposes allows you to overcome distance barriers.

Kitchen Display


Your chef will get notified of incoming orders, mark what’s cooked and ready to be served in the display. Improve your communication between the front and back of the house, step-up the efficiency of your kitchen and serve more happy customers. Detailed performance report keeps you informed of productivity.

Cloud Sync


Leveraging the power of cloud technology, monitor your stores, and make changes to your menu without affecting the operation even when you are on the go

Why us?

A different approach, with multiple platform options, engaging to match you with the best solution for your business.

We are the single contact for all your POS queries and issue resolution. We are available when YOU are trading.



Realtime local analytics as it happens

Highly visual reporting

Reduce operational costs by identifying patterns and trends

Web analytics updated in real time and visible in any browser

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