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   ultiPOS (Australia) offers the widest range of industry solutions in WA   

So often we hear the words
"I wish we knew about your business before. Your POS systems are excellent and your support and service is outstanding!"

A business' reluctance to engage with a new vendor is often about "the devil you know" when it comes to upgrading their POS or choosing a new POS. After all, another vendor is often seen as just a different set of problems. 

Not so with us. With 20+ years of POS experience and 100's of happy customers in WA across multiple industries, we are the most versatile and widely experienced of any POS vendor in WA. With our professional and pragmatic approach, we have a
100% success rate when engaging new clients.

Why not check us out? We will be super happy to become your POS and IT solutions provider.

Our systems are tried and tested across multiple industry segments. If, for any reason, none of our systems meet your requirements, we'll tell you. We won't waste your time.


Here are a few practical and valuable tips

1. Features and capability meet your requirements

  • Not all POS features wil be shown on a vendors website or brochure

  • A review of sucessfully installed sites will provide some indication of a POS systems' capability

  • Know and ask about your core requirements

  • Check whether custom development is possible where a core requirement is not fully developed

3. Realistic price point

  • Be sure to know what any presented price does NOT include

  • You may be tempted by a lower price, only to find out that additional features cost extra

  • There is no such thing as a cheap POS

  • Budget for between .5% and 1% of annual turnover

  • Discounting comes at a cost to both buyer and seller

2. Well referenced installed sites

  • The vendor should be able to refer to existing sites and explain how these meet the requirements you have

  • Feel free to ask for reference contact details

  • The vendors broad portfolio will give some indication of their capability

4. Strong confidence in support capability and a gut feel for a good business connection

  • Do you experience a strong business connection with the person?

  • Does a vendor show a holistic understanding of your industry?

  • Can a vendor work through scenario resolutions with you?

  • Are they paid commissions and is this driving the sale?

  • Can they prove strong problem resolution and disaster response?

Why us?

A different approach, with multiple platform options, engaging to match you with the best solution for your business.

We are the single contact for all your POS queries and issue resolution. We are available when YOU are trading.

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