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POS System, Tablet, Online & QR Code Restaurant Ordering Solutions

Rugged Retail Hardened POS registers with leading POS software embedded makes for a robust, powerful, no nonsense POS

Solutions at the Point Of Sale

Combining all solid-state technology with an embedded POS and a rugged retail hardened touch screen. This superb work-horse POS has exceptional reliability and survives the most hostile environments.

A plethora of superb features and settings makes Uniwell adaptable to every operating environment, from Cafes to Pubs to Taverns to Restaurants to Delis, Fruit Shops , Butchers etc, Uniwell is tailor-made for these environments



NO ongoing fees and charges

Totally solid state, no moving parts, high ROI

Spill-proof design, resistant to dust and grease

No tangible threat of virus or malware

No operating system updates to cause issues

Free POS software upgrades for life

10 years spares availability increases ROI

Unlike Windows-based system, Uniwell suffers no slow-down over time. The screen layout and configuration of each terminal can be changed independently. Each terminal works as an entity and can operate independently with no requirement for a central server.

Being a dedicated POS machine, no other POS system can match the screen response, resulting in rapid sales execution

Perfect match between machine and software eliminates compatibility issues suffered by Windows systems


Tablet Ordering

Waiterpad style ordering from Android Tablets

Uniwell Phoenix works with Android Smart Phones and Tablets

QR-Code ordering from table using MyPreorder with orders integrated into POS


Complements your efforts to maintain a cost-effective operation 

Grows with your business and provides long term stability 

Well designed and responsive screens increases service speed

User friendly programming save time and resources

Customised kitchen printing for accurate food production

Prominent upsells and condiments for accurate orders

Ongoing updates to POS are free for life, increasing ROI

Multiple service zones with separate pricing and kitchens

Ability to run offline for extended periods

Manage tables, orders, receipts, payments and bar tabs

Multiple sites with central Head Office consolidation

Registers can run at different location to Back-Of-House

Manage stock, suppliers, purchases and stock valuations

Free up staff to build meaningful connections with customers.

Complete Scale/Scanning Solutions

Uniwell easily handles the complete requirements of Fruit & veg Shops, Delis, Mini Marts and Convenience Stores.

This is coupled with the usual industry requirements of Mix-and-Match, Meal Deals, Specials and bulk discounts. Interface to multiple models scales and scanners

✔  Reaching products by the second touch improves speed of service.

✔  High capacity barcode scanning with weight/price embedded barcodes

✔  Create pre-configured promotions and report on promotional sales

✔  In-depth sales analysis reports

✔  Interface with label printing software for shelf and package labelling

✔  Support multiple barcode formats

2017-06-25 11.52.42.jpg

Complete Restaurant / Fine Dining / Cafe / Bakery / QSR Solutions

✔  User friendly touchscreen terminals

✔  Table maps, split bills, condiments & more

✔  Remote order entry by waitstaff

✔  Control items, prices and screen layouts

✔  Sales analysis with customisable reports 

✔  Customer loyalty and targeted promotions

✔  Staff attendance tracked

✔  Hardware ensures greater speed, reliability & security

✔  Electronic journal storage for security

Complete Pub/ Tavern/ Bar Solutions

✔  High speed touchscreen terminals improves speed and accuracy

✔  Table maps, split bills, condiments & more

✔  Control items, prices, POS settings and screen layouts from your back-office

✔  Powerful sales analysis with customisable reports

✔  Customise different POS terminals to suit their location

✔  Staff attendance tracked at the POS

✔  POS hardware ensures greater speed, reliability & security

✔  Electronic journal storage for security 

✔  Comprehensive stock control and recipes

✔  Multiple price levels for Customer, Happy Hour, Loyalty


Analytics / Integrations

✔ Highly visual reporting via Lynx Software

✔ Large number of reports from backoffice software

✔ Reduce operational costs by identifying patterns and trends

✔ Our in-house custom web analytics provides deep insights

✔ Deep trends, comparatives and highly visual reports

✔ Instant indications on the state of a business 

Stock Control / Purchase Orders / Recipes / Valuations

✔ Integrate to Cooking the Books and Drinking the Profits online

MyPreOrder / Sticky Gift Cards

Why us?

A different approach, with multiple platform options, engaging to match you with the best solution for your business.

We are the single contact for all your POS queries and issue resolution. We are available when YOU are trading.

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