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Built specifically for the food & service industry, the mPoS system is aesthetically designed. Very little training is required. Start taking orders with just a few taps and orders will be sent to the kitchen right away.

Super affordable and 'best in class' in it's space. Works with or without cloud access.


Online or Offline

No need to get locked into Internet services. mPoS mobile is deployed as either a  'stand-alone'  service or with Web reporting and management. 

Online and QR Code Orders

Online orders are paid for and come directly to your POS. QR code orders means customers can order from their tables using their own smart phones. Customers typically order up to 38% more in value when they order online with associated upsell prompts.

Table Management

Customise multiple table layout according to your restaurant. Table timers enables staff to turn table more efficiently. Run tabs and give tables alphanumeric names.

Online Dashboard

Get access to real-time reports remotely via web or mobile. 
Have a quick glance at all your stores' performance, keep track of business activity and make effective business decisions.

email or Save Reports

Every POS report can be saved or emailed as a XLS or PDF file.

Multi Terminal Ordering

Add additional trade terminals or use them as 'WaiterPads' to take orders at tables.

Customer Display

Using a secondary iOS device, product price and information is sent to your customer. Obtain customer signature without the need of turning your POS to face customers.

CRM and Loyalty

Manage customer's email, birthday and address. Track their spending, sales history  and assign different tiers of membership discount.

Kitchen Printing

Flexible Kitchen Printing options with failover protection. Easy test feature to test printing capability.

Multiple Sites?

No problem. We can link multiple sites together under one reporting platform. See your site sales and manage your sites from one dashboard on the cloud. Bulk update one or multiple site pricing from your office.

Data Recovery

Easily backup your system data and send it to an offsite location. Peace of mind with easy data recovery process. Backup data stored in cloud and instantly retrieved if your iPad/s are lost, stolen of gets damaged.

Payment Solutions


   Paypal Here





Inventory / Recipe

The inventory module allows you to control and track inventory in decimal quantities. For each product sold, the system deducts inventory according to the recipe provided. The system can even sell items that are weighed by Kg.

Web Management/Reports

Optional feature that streams sales data to the cloud and synchs changes from the cloud to the POS. Add new products and change prices from the web interface.

Kitchen Display System

Eliminate paper printing, use your iPad to serve as a kitchen display. View open orders by table or time ordered. Upon completion, notify expedite screen and/or print the order.


All reports available in the app are now accessible online. On top of that, multiple branch report allows you to combine different outlet sales figures for comparison.
Forget about emailing reports, download it online anytime you want.

Super competitive pricing

Pricing is super competitive and makes other systems look really overpriced. Add this to the flexible license periods means you get the most flexible pricing available. 


Integrate with Xero, Deputy and Quickbooks.

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