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Support Services

m / sms: 0438 968 002

We understand how important it is that you receive good support services for your Point Of Sale system. We are committed to accessible, professional and efficient support. We make every effort to resolve critical issues in a short time frame and will do same day call-outs before or after hours when urgency dictates.

We are available 7 days a week so that you can have peace of mind that help is near if you need it.

When you contact us, you'll never reach a call centre or a person who knows very little about your system and installation. When you place your support request, you'll be in touch with the very people who installed, configured and implemented your system.

Whether it be power, cabling, WiFi, Internet, POS or anything that impacts on your P.O.S., we will understand it. If it's that quirky promotion you have set up that kicks in on certain days between certain hours for a certain combination of products...we know about it. If it is that pesky single price change that is not getting to one of your 11 labelling scales, we know exactly where to look for the problem.

All this means that we can troubleshoot and resolve any issues in a very quick time frame so you can carry on with your business.

When your POS system is installed, you will receive between 30 and 90 days free onsite support in the Perth Metro area. After this our clients have the option of taking out a Support Plan. 

We have no compulsory ongoing fees and charges for our systems (except our SaaS systems software like ZenGlobal AI-Menu and mPos Mobile that has an annual fee).

All our Uniwell POS systems come with a lifetime guarantee of free POS software upgrades for life. This is an unbeatable advantage to your business.

We know our POS solutions, we know our markets and we know our clients. You are in safe hands.

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