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ZenGlobal is an industry leading 'cloud based' solution for Supermarkets, Fruit & Veg shops, Delis, Butchers, Fishmongers and the like. The robust and feature rich SaaS platform is an immense asset to a business. More so if you are a multi-site group. From the fastest speed screens to the 'one touch' price change features and coupled with a robust platform makes ZenGloabal the choice for larger businesses. 

POSPORTAL MultiTerminal Site.jpg

Online or Offline

Even though it is a SaaS system, ZenGloal can work offline with complete terminal independance assuring you of total reliability and transaction integrity.

TARE Management

Automatically preset TARE levels for products or override TARE at the POS.

Low Maintenance

No need for a complex IT infrastructure. Your data is backed up safely on the cloud and can be redeployed within hours. No dependancy on an onsite central 'server'.

Specials and Promotions

Pre-program specials, multi-buys, bulk buys. Set once and forget. Multibuys can be linked to minimum spend and can target only Loyalty customers. Powerful and sophisticated offerings.

Feature rich P.O.S.

With over 1500 POS settings, the system can be tuned to meet exacting requirements. Preview all your POS changes before deploying to your checkout lanes.

Weigh / Labelling

Seamless integration with weigh/labelling scales. A single change will automatically update POS and all your attached scales. No need to send price changes to a multitude of devices. Make one change and walk away!

CRM and Loyalty

Manage customer's email, birthday and address. Track their spending and assign different tiers of membership discount. Member points can be streamed to benefit social clubs, schools etc.

Speed Screens

We cater for 40+ visible lookup screens - more than any other system in Australia. Two touches and your products is sold.

Cost effective stocktakes

No investment required in PDT's. Any web-enabled device can emulate a PDT scanner at a fraction of the cost.

iPad iZen

Full compatibility with iPad system with Weighing and Scanning.

Inventory / Recipe

The inventory module allows you to control and track inventory in decimal quantities. For each product sold, the system deducts inventory allowing for accurate stock control and checks.

Web Management/Reports

Powerful Web Reporting with extensive drill-down. ie drill down from a Department Sales report to individual transactions. Powerful comparative reports showing trends accross your business.

Gift Cards

Full serial # tracking. Full or partial redemption with recharge capability.

First class support services

With your SaaS system you get local WA support, both remote and onsite when YOU need it.

Payment Solutions

Interfaces to PCEFTPOS and Tyro services.

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