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The videos in this section are for orientation purposes and general familiarisation of the Uniwell product range of solutions. It is not a substitute for formal training.

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The tutorials below are primarily suitable for UniLynx v9 users who operate Uniwell AX or HX model POS terminals. The content in these tutorials should be considered with the advice provided by us. 

Acknowledgement to Justin Bromage from POSLynx.

Initial Reminders for New Users

Database Creation – Using Import Data

Initial Setup of Uniwell Lynx

Database Creation – Using Import Data

Correct Configuration of Australian Tax Settings

POS Program Maintenance tips (Groups, Clerks, Media, Receipt text)

Custom Lists for Item Sales Reporting

Database Creation – Name/Number Conventions

Setting Up User Security

Selling Price Levels

Desktop Icon Configuration to Automatically Open your Database

Programming POS Terminal Screens (AX/HX series)

Setting Up to Edit AX-HX POS Screen Layouts

Quick Reference Guide – Screen Layout Programming

HX Screen Layout and Menu Changeover Preparation

POS Terminal Communication

HX POS Communication Basics

HX POS Communication – Understanding PRG Files

HX POS Communication troubleshooting

Scheduled Jobs

Integration with POS Terminal Features

Condiment Groups

Mix and Match Promotions

Sort PLUs (touchscreen view option)

Meal Deal Promotions

Discount, Percentage & Adjustment Functions

Other POS Terminal Related Tutorials

Configuring Printers in Uniwell HX Series POS

Kitchen Printing Basics in Uniwell HX Series POS

Daily Operation of Uniwell Lynx

reating New Items in Your Database

Deleting Items

Configuring Reports in Uniwell Lynx

Promotional Pricing

Modifying Settings for Multiple Items Simultaneously

Understanding Sales Batches

Setting Up Automated Cloud Reporting

Database Maintenance

Data Backup and Maintenance

Customers Module (optional)

Initial Setup of the Customers Module

Stock Control features (optional)

Introduction to Stock Control

Reorder Reporting

Suppliers and Supplier Item Codes

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